Projects 2021:
YouTube Spielesause Trailer (Production)
ARKAN45 (Matte Painting/ Compositing/ VFX)
I think you should leave S2:E2 on Netflix (3D Camera Tracking & Greenscreen)
VRChat Worlds(Unity) / Japanese Allyway/ Small hangout (3D Modeling/ Texture Baking/ Programming/ Upload)
ITZY – “마.피.아. In the morning” Dance Cover (Gaffer and set assistant)
And some more Projects under NDA

Projects 2020:
G2 Esports -We dont Stop (Gaffer/Grip)
Rogue x Kia (Camera Assistant & VFX)
Datteltäter Awards Livestream (Camera Operator)
Alipay – Cyber Mulan Instagram Filter (Programming)
Ebay Kleinanzeigen – Die Handler feat. TOCHTER – Bye Buy (VFX and compositing)
Ebay Kleinanzeigen – Die Handler feat. Leila Akinyi – Schutzgeld  (VFX)
Ebay Kleinanzeigen – Die Handler x TiTin – Kreislauf der Dinge (VFX and compositing)
Datteltäter – Das Urteil Trailer (Schnitt/Compositing/Sounddesign)
SMV Dance Crew – “TWICE – I CANT STOP ME” Dance Cover (Set Assistant and light)

Projects 2019:
Will Smith – Instagram Glitching (Motion Tracking/ VFX-Face Replacement/ projection mapping)
CURL Testemonials (Kamera & Schnitt)
CURL Ambadassor Event (Schnitt)
Marti Fischer – Wie geht eigentlich Musik (3:48 – 5:37 Kamera and Greenscreen)
Code (Animation and Schnitt)
SSIO – Testo E (Camera Assistent)
Bodyformus – Trippi Trappy (Set Assistent/ 2nd Editor)
G2 Esports Perkz Worlds Hype Video – Watch Me (Grip/Gaffer, Motion Tracking, 3D Modelling & VFX)
Culcha Candela – Dinero (Grip/ Gaffer & Motion Tracking)
Datteltäter ca. 25 Videos (Kamera and Editing)

Projects 2018:

Blackpink – DDU-DU DDU-DU Dance Cover (Schnitt & Planung)
Raptags 2018 Jurydiskussion (Schnitt & Kamera)
Miirtek x Marti Fischer – Puppe (Licht Assistent)
Im Auftrag für FUNK – How to Music 2018 (Schnitt & Kamera)
Wow Thing Damce Cover (VFX & Planung)
One Plus Eleven (Kamera & Schnitt)
White Chocolate – Hiphop meets Comedy (Gaffer)

I mainly work in the media industry
on Camera, cutting, VFX, 3D and Compositing Jobs (Book me)

Programs I use:
After Effects, Blender 2.93+; Premiere Pro; Davinci Resolve; Spark AR; Unity and Unreal Engine.
My camera Equipment:
Blackmagic Pocket cinema Camera 6K

Video in cooperation with SMV Dance Crew
Director, Camera Operator: Tom Ravach
Gaffer: Jan Marcel Ernst
Performance By: SMV – Thani & Thao
Transport: Khoi Chau

Send me an E-Mail
or use the contact form

Best to reach out to me: Instagram DM’s


My ultimate goal is to develop a story
with characters, you might identify or symphatize with.
Some you might love, some you might hate.

Ohh, and i would love to work with talented musicians to create an amazing soundtrack.
I’ve started writing, but it’s far from complete, nor am I sure if it’s the right Story for now.

It could be a series or a video game.
Im fascinated by the way games like “Life is Strange’s” story was told.
The storytelling tools are amazing, just thinking about hearing the characters thoughts,
gives so much insight and my storyteller Heart a tingle <3.
But enough rumbleing around…

There is still a long way to go. Until then, I need to work hard and form a team.
But as you know, a team always needs the money to keep the lights on.

Another small project im in Love with is creating a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.
Playing DnD as a game master is the best excercise for me to improve my storytelling skills.

Preview of the first continent I created for my DnD campaign

Lastly I created some
German Youtube VR Content in 2020,
quite enjoying the VR Community through Coroni makkaroni.
In my freetime I do little projects by myself like Instagram Filters,
VRChat maps or other stuff I can learn new things from.

If i got some freetime to spare, I do Twitch Livestreams – If you see me live, come over and hang out a bit.
But most of the time im working silently on different payed Media Projects. 😀
Deeply concentrated work is most efficient.

And im constantly learning about storytelling
for my big goal.

And lastly my personal Quote to motivate you:
“The internet is full of free knowledge, go and get it!”

I taught myself everything I learned through the internet.
You can do it, too!

And if you are curious and you didnt know by now,
my name is Tom Ravach, 31, from Berlin, Germany.
I stay humble and let my work speak for myself!

I started a
VR Community Discord and a DnD Community Discord
feel free to join.

Instagram Filter

Programming of a node based Instagram Filter (CyberMulan/ AliPay) Filter was a Timed Project (could be offline)

Online formats

Gadget Time is a German YouTube Show with over 1.000.000 total Views and 39 Episodes.
You can find interesting Gadgets and gifts.


With this video, Ardy and I won YouTube Nextup in 2012.
The 25 best YouTube filmmakers from all over Europe were awarded.
We worked on this project for 1 month from morning to late evening.
UFFF – I remember the times I used After Effects on a Macbook 13 Dual Core 😀

Viral YouTube videos

The short film “3 Angels for Tommy” was a collaboration with JuBaFilms in which
I play a nerd who just can’t date women.
But can the “Love Brothers” help me to change that?

Vigozone | AOK | School Dance Battle

Trailer for the School Dance Battle Event
in cooperation with AOK Rheinland Hamburg and Vigozone.

Some other Projects im involved in:

I once was a “big” YouTuber 😀
At least 2009-2012 it was called “big YouTuber”
Applewar (ca. 410.000 Subscriber) | Member
Enjoyed that time!

With a Piece of Chalk | JuBaFilms

No Matter of Sniff | T7 Production

Colourful Paintings | TomRavach

(Updated 09.09.21)